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WordPress – Our new Platform of Choice

A strategic change of direction

As possibly the longest established web design agency in the UK, pinkdylan is no stranger to change. We wouldn’t still be here if we were. However, change for the sake of changes is never a good idea.

After more than 15 years building websites almost exclusively based on our own cmsXtra and cartXtra software platforms we have taken a decision to move to WordPress for the bulk of new projects. 

Why the need for change?

In the mid noughties clients started to ask for websites that provided a back end content management system allowing them to update and expand their own websites.

At the time WordPress was in its infancy, as were its competitors. We found that most clients found these offerings far too difficult to use and were not great when it came to functionality either. WordPress was gaining ground in the market but was as a consequence frequently hacked.

pinkdylan already employed full time programmers that were capable of building our own content management system and we decided to build a system that offered everything real-live clients were asking for but provide a back end management system that was far more intuitive and easy to use than the likes of WordPress. cmsXtra and cartXtra (for e-commerce) were born.

Times change, and in particular we needed to react to the following:  

Why select WordPress?

After considering the following factors the choice was effectively made for us:

OFFER – Up to 75% OFF

If your current website was built by us and is currently hosted by us you qualify for a significant discount off our published prices for a brand new WordPress website!

Level of discount depends on age of current site as follows*

    • Under 2 years old – 75% discount
    • Under 3 years old – 50% discount
    • Under 5 years old – 35% discount
    • Over 5 years old   – 25% discount

Offer applies to orders placed with deposits received by 30th June 2022. *Discount depends on age of current site at date of order for new website (based on date of previous deposit invoice) as follows:  Under 2 years: 75%,  2 to 3 years 50%, 3 to 5 years 30%, over 5 years 25%. Further terms apply including numbers limited to our production capacity, first come, first served!

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