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Can’t Both Be Right!

Spam Form Replies and E-mail - can you trust ANYTHING you read?

Within less than two and a half hours this morning I received two website form replies from the same website – a site we sponsor belonging to a local Club (one that I am a committee member of).

The first, received at 05:07 states states ‘Your SEO’s working You’re getting eyeballs….’.  

The second, received at 07:34 states ‘I was doing some research on your industry and I had landed on your website. The thing is, it was beyond Page 4 of Google!’

Clearly both can’t be right, clearly both are trying to sell different services and clearly neither had any real knowledge of the site and its purpose despite supposedly undertaking ‘research’.

The first was correct in that the site does very well on Google with relevant phrases It even praises the content, but is trying to convince me that we can convert more visitors into ‘business’ – wanting to sell me a service facilitating ‘chat’ with site visitors in order to ‘convert’.  The fact that the primary purpose of the site is providing information to existing members is irrelevant it seems! As it happens it also succeeds in in its secondary roll of attracting new members. 

The second is obviously either a plain and simple lie (no such research undertaken whatsoever) or the result of very poor ‘research’! Here the intention is to sell SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services that are simply not needed.

Like many Internet based frauds, spam form replies and email rather too often make false claims, simply relying on numbers.

The people concerned know full well that their automated messages are not relevant to or accurately reflect most recipients. They rely on the few that are a closer match and then the even smaller number of recipients that take the bait and believe the seemingly relevant contact is from someone who really does have an understanding of their needs and aspirations.

We all need to find business, and email or similar marketing can be a useful and valid tool but the moral of the story is that any that claims to know much about the performance of your website are in all likelihood false or irrelevant.

More genuine material will concentrate on detailing the services they can offer, not on trying to tell you that to are doing something wrong.

Be careful who you trust!