Don't be Shy - Get Googled!

What use is a website nobody sees?

For most clients being found on Google is a must. Let’s do it.

The brand that is so dominant, its name became a verb.



     3rd person present: googles; past tense: googled; past participle: googled; present participle: googling

Search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google.
“on Sunday she googled an ex-boyfriend”

‘Other search engines are available’, true, but for many clients getting found on the Interned means being found on Google.

This is therefore where our services start, but please do speak to us if you see Facebook or any other platform as being the most relevant to your business.

When it comes to being found on Google there are two main services that we offer, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) targeting organic or ‘free’ listings, and managing Google Ads campaigns delivering sponsored ads on Google on a pay per click basis. 

1 - Search engine optimisation (SEO) From £100+vat per month

Search engine optimisation (SEO) aims to see your site listed in decent high positions amongst the 'organic' or 'free' main search results listings on Google (and other search engines) with a number of carefully chosen targeted key phrases.


We concentrate on 'on-site' optimisation techniques based around the site content itself including the visible page content and the 'title and tags' within the code but not visible on the site itself.


We can offer a range of services depending on how many phrases you need to target. Typically a client whose business has two or three fundamentally different product or service categories will have more complex requirements than a client with a less diverse range of products or services.


At a starting level we agree with the client between one and three core target search phrases as a starting point and then undertake research to establish if there alternative or additional words and phrases that should be taken into account. We then define 10 phrases based around the core theme (variations on the theme typically not including more than 8 different words) and undertake work on the site accordingly. 


It is important that the target phrases are precisely that - well targeted. This will often (but not always) be geographical (if you are a very small firm of chartered accountants in Worcester you are being unrealistic if you expect to be top of Google nationally simply with the term 'Accountants' or Chartered Accountants'. The multinationals, larger partnerships or the Institute itself will invariably appear higher).  It is a question of best reflecting your niche, whatever that may be, it may be that the nature of your business alone is sufficient to achieve this.


Each month we manually search Google, Yahoo, Bing and Mojeek to see where your site is positioned for each of our 10 target phrases. We create a report (again manually) detailing the results and send you a copy. It is not always possible to achieve good results with all phrases but we undertake any additional work necessary to try to improve results month on month where necessary.


This service costs £100+vat per month. If you wish to target a larger number of phrases or need actually expand your site itself to deliver sufficient content (Google loves good content) then higher or additional fees will apply.

2 - Google Ads - pay per click (PPC) From £100+vat per month

Google Ads work on a pay-per click basis. Ads can appear above all other listings although no more than four will appear above the first of the organic listings. If someone clicks on your Ad they are taken to your website. You only pay when someone clicks on your Ad, there is no charge if your Ad is displayed but ignored.


Budget, both in terms of total spend and maximum cost per click can be defined, although if you want your Ad to appear prominently and frequently you need to be prepared to pay a similar about per click as your competitors and you need sufficient budget to allow to Ad to be visible for long periods.


In simplistic terms we define a list of phrases that we wish to trigger your Ads either on a broad match or a precise match basis. Unlike SEO there is no limit to the number of phrases that can be targeted in practical terms. Google has 'quality' requirements and will not display Ads for phrases that are rarely used, but in general terms and subject to budget and levels of competition when someone searches with one of these phrases your Ad will appear.


Google Ads can usually be set up and running within one day, they are the only way to gain visibility on Google quickly, SEO being more of a long term project. 


Ads may be paused at any time (for example if you are running at full capacity) and there is no minimum contract term.


It is possible to set criteria such as the times of the day that you wish Ads to appear and the geographical area (or areas) within which you want the Ads to appear. This makes it possible to target very general phrases safe in the knowledge that if you only work within a 30 mile radius someone will not be clicking on your Ads costing you money if they are based 100 miles away.


We are proud to be totally transparent about our fees charged to manage your Ads, they work on a percentage of actual Google charges on a sliding scale (the higher your spend the lower percentage of the total is our fees). We disclose this at quotation stage, many competitors do not tell you how much of your spend is going to Google and how much is going to themselves. There is often a reason for this and we consider the practice unethical.


We have managed many hundreds of thousand pounds worth of Google Ads for clients. 

Other Google services

Google offers a wide range of services and we can help with many of them. This typically includes implementing Google Analytics and setting up Google Places/Businesses and Maps. We can also help you set up and share Google Calendars and Keep notes.

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