UK Based Cloud Hosting

State of the Art Cloud Hosting 

Fully managed UK based hosting – self managed option also available

State of the art cloud based hosting - UK based

Our chosen cloud based hosting platform offers busy sites the resources of an entire platform, not just a single server: true cloud. Comes with a CDN included for a faster website globally.

Our chosen partner uses proprietary autoscaling technology. No other provider has access to this.

Autoscaling literally means that resources scale automatically. Bandwidth, memory and processing power is scaled up or down instantly – depending on demand. This is what makes them true ‘elastic cloud’. 

A site isn’t hosted on one or two servers. Instead, it can access the whole platform’s resources: multiple servers. With our previous dedicated cPanel servers this was not possible.

Fully managed WordPress hosting and product support

From £24.50+vat/month

Most clients opt for fully managed hosting – where we do everything hosting and platform related for you.

That doesn’t just mean that we do things like set up new mailboxes, web or mail forwards and deal with DNS as and when required together with dealing with any server issues. it offers high specification, full support and includes pro-actively dealing with ongoing website management requirements.

Managed hosting services are also available for non WordPress sites including our own cmsXtra and cartXtra platforms and for sites not built by ourselves. 

Self-managed hosting

From £4.99+vat/month

We are able to offer a number of self managed hosting options for those wishing to take responsibility for managing all hosting related functions. We do provide full technical support in the event of any server related issues.

Self managed hosting is ideal for those wishing to build and manage their own website. It is also available for WordPress and WooCommerce websites built by pinkdylan where the client wishes, after initial website delivery, to be fully responsible for all aspects of their site including version updates, backups and restores. This option is significantly cheaper than fully managed hosting for obvious reasons.  

You will be provided with a full control panel and a choice of Linux, WordPress Optimised (with WordPress pre-installed) and Windows platforms. Options are available including the amount of bandwidth, web space, number of mailboxes and databases etc. (up to unlimited) (WordPress platform includes just the one database for WordPress itself although WordPress can be hosted on the Linux platform if you need more databases). Pricing depends on the precise feature set and usage limits required.


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