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Green Cloud Hosting

pinkdylan move to Cloud Hosting - but still seek to minimise environmental damage.

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, internet use accounts for 3.7% of global emissions, the equivalent of all global air traffic. This figure is expected to double by 2025 (excluding the Covid-19 effect).

Data centres alone use huge quantities of energy and as far back as early 2007 pinkdylan were one of the first web design agencies to consciously elect to use dedicated servers located in the UK’s very first carbon neutral data centre.

Times move on and the general move away from dedicated servers to cloud based hosting has been impossible for us to ignore, but until recently it has been difficult to source UK based cloud hosting that meets our general requirements – let alone offer any green credentials.

We are pleased that we have found a suitable partner and that our migration to cloud based hosting is now fully completed and provides:

The move to modern cloud hosting provides a number of benefits and advantages including a reduction in the risks to all clients associated with the failure of a single piece of hardware and generally reduced recovery times. Other features include:

We continue to provide a fully managed hosting solutions to clients which includes daily backup management, software provision (where required) and where applicable frequent WordPress and plugin updates in order to minimise security and functionality issues.

We are also able to offer clients self-managed hosting for WordPress and self-build websites should this be required and naturally there are significant cost savings compared with fully managed hosting.